Real Estate Agents and Brokers at Sutton Ottawa are always trained to put the welfare of their clients ahead of their own. With honesty and integrity, Sutton agents ensure that the best interests of their clients always come first.

As well as residential real estate, Sutton Ottawa has professional agents who specialize in commercial real estate. Sectors such as land development, multi-family, retail, office and industrial.

From building pro-formas and generating comprehensive underwriting reports, to connecting you with our elite network of architects, planning consultants, engineers, lawyers and mortgage brokers, you can feel confident in entrusting the acquisition or disposition of your commercial assets to our commercial services division.

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  • Net Operating Income
  • Cash Flow
  • Income and Expenses
  • Environmental issues and concerns
  • Capitalization Rates


  • Are rents legal and in accordance to the Landlords and Tenants Act?
  • Is the use of the property in compliance with planning and zoning?
  • Is there a requirement to obtain a Fire Retrofit Certificate?


  • Environmental concerns and issues
  • What was stored in that warehouse by the previous tenant? (Hazardous materials, toxic waste, etc?)
  • Loading docs at grade or raised
  • Ceiling height


More than every, sales and net income dictate the value of a business. In addition to sales and net profit potential, Buyers have to be concerned with the following:

  • Cost of sales
  • Labour costs
  • Fixed expenses
  • Moveable expenses

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For sale $899,900
5084 CANON SMITH DRIVE, fitzroy harbour, Ontario

5084 Canon Smith Drive

Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
For sale $599,000
5576 MANOTICK MAIN STREET, manotick, Ontario

5576 Manotick Main Street

Manotick, Ontario

For sale $599,000
5576 MANOTICK MAIN STREET, manotick, Ontario

5576 Manotick Main Street

Manotick, Ontario

For sale $1,975,000
352 DANFORTH AVENUE, ottawa, Ontario

352 Danforth Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $1,999,900
368 BRONSON AVENUE, ottawa, Ontario

368 Bronson Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $1,299,900
26 KING STREET E, brockville, Ontario

26 King Street E

Brockville, Ontario

For sale $549,900
73 MOTTS MILLS ROAD, smiths falls, Ontario

73 Motts Mills Road

Smiths Falls, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $699,000
4330 COUNTY 8 ROAD, williamsburg, Ontario

4330 County 8 Road

Williamsburg, Ontario

4 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
For sale $1,600,000
1223 COUNTY 31 ROAD, winchester, Ontario

1223 County 31 Road

Winchester, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $635,900
10733 COOK ROAD, brinston, Ontario

10733 Cook Road

Brinston, Ontario

4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale $2,500,000
350 BOOTH STREET, ottawa, Ontario

350 Booth Street

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $1,500,000
464 PEMBROKE STREET W, pembroke, Ontario

464 Pembroke Street W

Pembroke, Ontario

For sale $549,900
803 NOTRE DAME STREET, embrun, Ontario

803 Notre Dame Street

Embrun, Ontario

For sale $550,000
1386 GREELY LANE, ottawa, Ontario

1386 Greely Lane

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $1,050,000
31 MONTREAL ROAD, ottawa, Ontario

31 Montreal Road

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $3,990,000
1645 COMSTOCK ROAD, ottawa, Ontario

1645 Comstock Road

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $2,595,000
2564 ST JOSEPH BOULEVARD, orleans, Ontario

2564 St Joseph Boulevard

Orleans, Ontario

For sale $1,100,000
2940 COUNTY 20 ROAD, maxville, Ontario

2940 County 20 Road

Maxville, Ontario

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $1,350,000
13810 COULTHART ROAD, chesterville, Ontario

13810 Coulthart Road

Chesterville, Ontario

For sale $3,200,000
173 KENYON STREET W, alexandria, Ontario

173 Kenyon Street W

Alexandria, Ontario

For sale $595,000
442 PRESTON STREET, ottawa, Ontario

442 Preston Street

Ottawa, Ontario

For sale $1,275,000
84 ISABELLA STREET, pembroke, Ontario

84 Isabella Street

Pembroke, Ontario

For sale $529,000
1984 LAURIER STREET, rockland, Ontario

1984 Laurier Street

Rockland, Ontario

For sale $2,200,000
8154 JEANNE D'ARC BOULEVARD, ottawa, Ontario

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